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Announcing FIYAHCON’s 2021 Donation Recipients

Guests (panelists, GOHs, office hours hosts) as well as staff members are comped at FIYAHCON, meaning that their attendance at the convention is free. They are provided options for refunds in the event that they’ve purchased tickets before being added formally to programming or to the team. Options last year included receiving their ticket refund, foregoing the refund to support the coffers for this year’s event, and having their refund paid forward to either the Monterey Bay Aquarium (who will be back this year to provide our Aquarium Calm Rooms), or to the National Bail Fund Network.

This year, these funds will be donated optionally to the following:

"PCRF" logoThe Palestine Children’s Relief Fund

In keeping with our Palestine Solidarity position, we are donating to the PCRF, which provides free medical care, as well as sponsors hundreds of volunteer medical teams from all over the world to treat tens of thousands of sick and injured youths in local hospitals.

“PCRF envisions a world where all children in the Middle East have access to quality medical care, regardless of nationality, religious or political affiliation, and specialized health services for children are independent and developed at the highest standards.”

“Our Mission is to provide medical and humanitarian relief collectively and individually to Arab children throughout the Levant, regardless of their nationality, politics or religion.” Click through to learn more.


Just Ida RecoveryAnother Gulf’s “Just Ida” Fund

Hurricane Ida struck Louisiana sixteen years to the day after Katrina this past weekend, affecting not only New Orleans, but the seat of Indigenous communities such as the United Houma Nation in Terrebonne. Another Gulf pledges to “distribute donations directly to Indigenous, Black, and brown frontline folks impacted by Hurricane Ida and groups who currently don’t have online donations capacity, as well as directly to individual families impacted by the storm.” Click through to find a curated list of resources and agencies you can support to affect direct relief.

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