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FIYAHCON is now on Airmeet

fiyahcon 2021 + airmeet

FIYAHCON 2021 is happening on the Airmeet platform! Last year was great with our cobbled-together System of Stuff, but we’re excited for a more streamlined, comprehensive experience that also allows us to do a few additional, neat things with the event.


Some fun perks:

More interactive panels

-The audience now has the ability to interact with panels via emoji feedback within the platform instead of having to move to Discord. For Q&A segments, we’re able to take the usual typed questions, but we can also hand audience members the “mic” and invite you on stage to ask your questions (not comments. We’ll snatch the mic back if you’ve got “more of a comment than a question”).


Now that we’ve got stages and a mic feature, we’re better able to accommodate live reads (sign-ups opening to registered attendees in August), live acceptance speeches for Ignyte Award winners, and the return of our Monterey Bay Aquarium Calm Rooms.

The Lounge

Think breakout rooms, but they’re tables, convenient for small conversations and general hanging around between programming items.

The Booths

We can now host exhibitors! Attractively, at that. If you or your creative organization have news to share or wares to hawk or authors you’d like to get some face time with fandom, Airmeet allows us to arrange that for you. For more on booths and how to sign up, go here. You can get a booth through sponsorship, too.

Better BonFIYAH Integration

While access to some panels continue be limited based on your ticket type, BonFIYAH ticketholders now have access to social features like the Lounge and areas like our Monterey Bay Aquarium Calm Rooms.

Immediate Replay Availability

No need to wait until the week after the event for us to upload panel replays to the website! Now they’ll be available within a few minutes of the panel’s end. Replays with transcripts will be made available on this website in the weeks following the convention.


We are putting your sponsorship and donation dollars to WORK this year, so please consider our Funding FIYAHCON options to support our continued (award-nominated) growth.

Until the next update!


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