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Ignyte Announcements: Your Host, Your Trophies, All of That

The first ever Ignyte Awards are around the corner and the last pieces are sliding into place. The awards ceremony will be hosted on the FIYAHCON “Lawn”, the area of our virtual “convention center” open to the public with free access for all. Other Lawn events include the convention Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

And now for some more goodies.


We are delighted to introduce the host of your ceremonies, the incomparable Jesse of Bowties and Books fame!

Jesse Bowties and Books Jesse is an Afrochicanx Booktuber and bookstagrammer with a passion for BIPOC and lgbtq + narratives across genres. They host a non-binary book club Enbybookclub on Instagram, which focuses exclusively on trans and gender nonconforming narratives. In addition to their work on YouTube and ig, Jesse is currently producing the first ever playing cards for readers, titled TBR Cards, which are designed to help readers select book with creativity and inclusion and are scheduled to go on sale on Oct 31. In addition to reading, they also passionately love their 4.5 month old Belgian Malinois puppy, horror films, vintage fashion, and preparing their family’s traditional Mexican dishes.





ICYMI the Ignyte Award trophies were revealed super-casually on Twitter as the Director prepared them for shipping to finalists:

Ignyte Award trophy composite


The Ignyte trophies are 3″ diameter medals or “challenge coins” if you’re military. One side features artwork of a phoenix (shout out to FIYAH#1 and the whole general fire motif that is our brand). The other side is a version of the Ignyte logo with the winner or finalist designation.

The edge of the coin bears a quote from the foreword of the original 1926 FIRE! Issue: “to boil the sluggish blood.”

A new artist will be commissioned to provide new artwork every year so that the trophy remains dynamic and collectible. Each trophy is shipped with a commemorative card featuring metallic, full color art and the official announcement.



artwork by Dominique Ramsey


This year’s artist is Dominique Ramsey, who also illustrated the cover of FIYAH #14 as well as a number of other brilliant things you may have seen on the internet and in your favorite books.

Dominique RamseyDominique Ramsey is a freelance illustrator from Atlanta, GA who has a passion for telling stories about animals, nature, and the whimsical-mysteries things in life. Her inspiration comes from animals themselves, the spiritual connection they have, the relationship between animals and people, and what various animals mean to different cultures. Dominique strives for uniqueness; using bright colors, bold lines, shapes, and patterns that can excite and capture the viewer’s eye. Her work focuses heavily on symbolism, where she explores themes such as mystery, culture, identity, and the subconscious mind. Twitter | Website






That’s it for this update! Don’t forget to tune in to the ceremony Saturday, October 17th, 2020 at 5:00PM eastern to find out who won!


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