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Programming Pitch Deadline Approaching


Things are moving SO FAST behind the scenes here at FIYAHCON, and programming requests are pouring in! We can’t wait to get our lists finalized, a process we’re starting at the end of this month. Programming content will be provided in three tracks: Craft, Business, and Community.  Here are some (just some!) of the items we’re excited about:


New Magic: Roots in Diaspora

Traditional publishing’s “diversity” requirements often force writers of color to
source their magic and cultural systems from “motherlands” or foreign roots of
origin to be considered “authentic”. This panel explores the beauty and magic
systems authentic to peoples of diaspora origins.


Querying with Color

Panelists talk about traditional publishing’s query and submission process
through the lens of cultural marginalization.


Caribbean Speculative Fiction

A panel discussion featuring Caribbean writers of speculative fiction.


Usurping Lovecraft

BIPOC authors challenge and rewrite the Lovecraft Mythos.


The Confederation of Aunties

Aunties with plates of food in one hand and the other ready to smack some
sense into you. They make up the backbone of many cultures, so why don’t
we see more of them in SFF? What would a novel with an Auntie MC look
like? When does one become an Auntie?


AAVE, Pidgin, and the Global Patois

Panelists discuss regional cultural dialects and their proper execution in fiction.



Programming submissions close August 21st. Make your own contribution over on our Get Involved page. We’re also rapidly approaching our attendance cap, so if you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, you might want to get off that fence. And stay tuned later this week as we announce the first ever FIYAHCON Ignyte Awards celebrating the vibrancy and inclusivity of the current and future SFF landscape.

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