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Announcing FIYAHCON 2020

watercolor galaxy field with "FIYAHCON for BIPOC+ in Speculative Fiction, Online October 17-18, 2020" over itFIYAHCON, the virtual convention centering Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in SFF publishing is a go for October 17th-18th, 2020!

Over at FIYAH Literary Magazine, we’ve wanted to host a convention almost since our inception and now we’re in a place to pull it off. Our mission for the convention is to reach beyond the magazine’s origins centering Black voices, to celebrate the contributions of our friends in communities which lack our visibility. And we are welcoming our allies (the “+” in BIPOC+) to participate in the celebration with us.

Imagine panels where the default is more than one brown panelist at a time. Imagine being asked to speak to more than just diversity in the industry. Imagine open mic live reads in the FIYAHCON Tea House, or starting and ending your day with write-ins featuring curated playlists for inspiration.

The website will be expanding rapidly over the next couple of weeks as we announce some of the guests we’ve already confirmed and officially open registration for the event on July 15th. Tickets will be $40USD for access to the entire weekend’s content. You can check out our slated programming formats now on our Features page, and do things like volunteer and propose programming on our Get Involved page. We want you to be a part of this whether you are self-published or traditionally published or not published at all (yet). A SFF prose writer or a poet. A comics creator or another a visual storyteller. A booktuber, a reviewer, kidlit, or adult.

We’d like to thank our sponsors and community partners who have already signed on to make this an amazing event. If you’d like to join us in that capacity, send an email to director[at]theconvention[dot]fiyahlitmag[dot]com.

Be sure to sign up for the FIYAHCON newsletter to make sure you don’t miss an announcement.


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